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Unique friendship was born - a vintner brew beer. It´s the vintner´s techniques we use most of all in Wild Creatures brewery. And wild yeast, from the local wine area (carried by the wind) plus cultures that grow within the brewery itself.

Wild fermentation is not so often hobby. So how did it all started?

Good fruit beer, that target was set on the very beginning. If you know the taste of Belgian cherry, raspberry or other fruit beer you surely understand how disappointed can man be here in Czech Republic. Czech “fruit beer”, usually without fruit, is mainly hopeless. We started our experiment with handpicked fruit and added it into every beer we had (lager, wheat beer and other ales). We were not impressed by the result. Sometimes it wasn’t so bad but still missed something. Combination of fruit and ordinary beer was rejected after few other tests. The whole project was postponed.

We already had Mamut brewery and were focused on Czech classic beer – bohemian lagers. But the unsolved fruit beer was still somewhere in my head. Sometimes it is a question of coincidence. Business trip to Belgium brought the key moment. We can inspire there!

Spontaneously fermented lambic! My brain was already bathed in kriek. No chance for resistance. That Belgian beer is known all over the world! My modesty has vaporized and I was blind with crazy beer adventure. Brettanomyces (so typical for Belgian wild beers) can be found all over the world. I knew what I want that moment and under influence of beer anarchism everything seems to be peace of cake. Everybody can buy yeast – but not me. I choose pure nature way. My husband (expert in biochemistry) thought I lost my mind. It took me years to understand what he knew already that time!

I was so funny, so naive…! To be fair, this naïve passion was the key factor. Finally we started to study spontaneous fermentation together and until know we still found new secrets and insidiousness.