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Forget common beer! Thanks to the unique wild fermentation our beer is refreshingly sour with viney character. Due to long aging in oak barrels special aromatics and delicate flavors (vanilla, sherry, berries…) are pronounced.
Pour a glass, stop the time and relax!

100% natural fruit beer

Wild beer with South Moravian fruit. Summer in taste and smell. As a basis we use beer aged for 9-12 months in oak barrels. We add fruit and allow the beer to re-ferment to dryness. The result is “Fly with me”, our first spontaneously fermented wild beer with fruit. All together we spent cca 2 years with this beer.

Apricots - we use 3 apricots varieties to gain proper aroma and taste. Apricots are the most typical fruit of our home region and we use only fruits from local farmers.
Sour cherries – great Moravian fruit with typical juicy aroma and fresh sour taste. No unknown foreign suppliers, just local farmers again.

Open your mind and fly!

Meditation is combination of untamed wild yeasts living in Mikulov´s wine terroir and beauty of old oak barrels.

Unique beer made as a blend. It consists of two years old wild beer and part of young beer. Due to this combination was found the proper harmony. Meditation is refreshing beer with subtle sour flavor and mild wineyness. The old part maturated in wooden Bordeaux barrels brings spiciness and hint of wood. The younger part adds softness and help to balance completely dry body of the beer.

The best choice for everyone who loves sour beer.

Spontaneously fermented beer with St. Laurent grapes - rose

For Meditation we choose St. Laurent grapes for its delicious aroma and flavour. Our own vineyard vegetates on limestone riff with southwest orientation. It means enough sun and great conditions for the best quality. You can feel typical plum tones. Before we add the grapes into the beer, we remove the stems and crush the berries. Beer is aged in oak barrels to complete the maturation for 18 – 24 months. Thanks to spontaneous fermentation and using traditional vintner processes, the taste is rich. You can discover new layers with every other sip.

We recommend Tears of Saint Laurent for all skilled sour beer lovers. This speciality can be produced only right after the wine harvest.

Unique mix fermented beer with delicate mild winey flavor. Try the lovely play of spontaneous fermentation in combination with driven fermentation of pure wine yeasts!

The wort is inoculated spontaneously. Secondary fermentation is done in exact time with chosen wine yeast strains. Both fermentations are very slow and long. Before bottling we make a cuvée (combination of older vintages with the newer ones). Due to that the optimal flavor balance is achieved. Bottles are aged for a year at least before releasing.

Very slow fermentation and special treatment of skillful vintner brings nice winey bouquet and taste to the beer. A unique confluence is underlined with subtle acidity.

We recommend Veritas for all beer / wine lovers, also for the beginners.

Delicious beer jelly made from spontaneously fermented Fly with me beer. It’s pure natural product without artificial aromas or other artificial additives. The taste is sweet, lovely fruity with juicy apricot (sour cherry) in every bite. Even so, you still feel the beer behind. Start a day with beer (on your toast)! We recommend combining with Camembert type of cheese. No alcohol inside.

This original chutney combines traditional taste of red onion and nontraditional taste of wildly fermented beer. Do you want to shine with something extra on your party? Your meat or burgers will love this chutney (and so will your friends). Pure natural product. No artificial additives. No alcohol inside.

We love chutneys. We have tried dozens combinations. Version with caramel and raisins is not traditional, but heavenly good. It’s one of our favorite delicacies. Pure natural product. No artificial additives. No alcohol inside. We recommend offering with Roquefort type cheese.